Come Fly With Us!: A Global History of the Airline Hostess

Come fly with us!: a global history of the airline hostess


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When the first commercial flights took off in the 1930s, stewardesses were registered nurses whose duties included swatting flies and helping passengers read railroad timetables in the event of forced landings. In the 1950s, stewardesses were viewed as wives-in-training, as adept at preparing a baby's bottle as mixing a martini. By the swinging ’60s and ’70s, female flight attendants were considered successful marketing tools, sporting microminis, hot pants, and buttons that read "Pure, Sober, and Available" to lure male business passengers on board. Come Fly with Us! explores the unique history of this industry pioneered by women, tracing changes in the flight attendant's role — from flying nurse to airborne sex kitten to today's custodian of safety and service. Stunning visuals from airline archives and early flight maps, promotional brochures, and print advertisements re-create a sense of the early days and underscore the dramatic changes that have occurred in this dynamic industry.

Come Fly With Us:...traces the evolution of the profession from in-flight caregiver to airborne bombshell to highly trained lifesaver. -- New York Daily News, March 5, 2003

Signs that flight attendants are suddenly chic: The glossy coffee-table tome Come Fly With Us!... -- USA Today, March 21, 2003

…providing a colorful and detailed history of the 64-year-old profession of the airline hostess. -- Austin Chronicle

…recalls a long-gone glamorous era when women traveled in pumps -- Newsweek --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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